IBIZ Essenciz The essence
of Public Affairs
Essenciz TRP (Tender Resource Planning) offers a new concept to the Public Market.

A complete multi-company, multi-functional, and multi-connected platform. an intelligent and customized workflow. An inclusive management and compliance solution, assembled together to be: robust, reliable, and intuitive, as only IBIZ knows (in fact) how to do.
IBIZ Licita Public procurement
in a simple and
straightforward manner.

IBIZ Licita is an innovative and complete service to search, capture, handle, manage, and deliver essential information to companies that participate in public procurement processes. Such companies know that speed, precision, and access to information are competitive differentials relevant to become successful in the market.
IBIZ Market Intelligence Going further
than intelligence.
A complete
transformation of your
management strategy.
An innovative and natural solution that emerged from the evolution of IBIZ Licita.

Market Intelligence offers all the technology and expertise of IBIZ: complete, profound, and in-depth, yet intuitive and accessible at the same time.
IBIZ Special Projects More than a
project. Strategic
The IBIZ Special Projects are producers of strategic insights: they attend to special demands and complex questions, with an emphasis on the public market as well as the non-retail private market. LEARN MORE
IBIZ Integra A more
efficient solution
to integration.
IBIZ Integra, going further than EDI, offers an efficient, fast, and in-depth integration solution between the supplier and the retailer for the tracking and electronic document exchange, through Portal IBIZ. LEARN MORE

IBIZ is much more than technology

As innovators seeking excellence, we are recognized for our cutting-edge operations as well as the development capture, management, and information intelligence solution platforms that rethink the way to do business, because we are:

Pioneers and leaders in this area of the market
We anticipate problems and deliver solutions
Advisory-Service Providers
4-handed solutions, constructed with our clients
We live by the rule of transparency and honesty in all our relationships
We understand and parameterize solutions for every business environment
We develop zero-error prone solutions

IBIZ Technology: what are we made of?

A “one-of-a-kind” combination of people who are skilled in what they do, dedicated full-time, and were brought together by technological innovation.

This created a portfolio of very special solutions: IBIZ Licita, IBIZ Market Intelligence and IBIZ Special Projects, which are capable of transforming the management of your company and boosting your results, regardless of the profile or area of your business.

IBIZ, building essential connections for your business.

Understand How Our Expertise Can Help Your Business

We capture and process information, regardless of the scenario in which your business operates, we understand the market, analyze, and adjust information to deliver it in a manner that is accessible for use in Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Planning.


Clients and Testimonials

  • Laureci Lopes – Manager of Procurement and Contracts

    “We discovered an excellent market opportunity in the regions not visited by Danone. The market information shown to us by IBIZ was an exact necessity to focus our attention on this region.”
  • Anderson Manoel – Manager of Procurement

    “Through the IBIZ capture of opportunity system by keyword, our capture became more assertive, eliminating the manual work of hunting through notices, downloaded archives, and discarded notices.”
  • Mario Cabral – Manager of Procurement

    “And look how IBIZ Licita brings information from any location, from the North to the Northeast, wherever I need.”
  • Laureci Lopes – Manager of Procurement and Contracts

    IBIZ Licita, the automated data capture system, provided us with detailed information about 3 levels, Federal, State, and Municipal, of procurement, analyzing 3 years of history and the results about specific products that Danone intended to evaluate.”
  • Anderson Manoel – Manager of Procurement

    “With IBIZ Licita, our notice capture cell has become a filter and analysis of opportunities, as the public market is a large consumer of our products and very important to the company.” CREMER
  • Mario Cabral – Manager of Procurement

    “Receiving information in advance on notices that will occur in the future is great for United Medical. One advantage is already being aware of the notices happening over the next 30 to 40 days. This knowledge in advance is very important. It is strategic information that permits us to predict all operations and participation in a specific notice. A differential that the older, other solution did not have.” UNITED MEDICAL
  • Laureci Lopes – Manager of Procurement and Contracts

    “The Business Intelligence tool by IBIZ provided us with a strategic vision of the market that was very complete and it was the foundation of the analysis. As such, the information provided to us was in an organized manner, already analyzed in dashboards, giving an easy way to extract the principal insights of the market and plan the next steps.”
  • Anderson Manoel – Manager of Procurement

    “With changes in management that we put into place at Cremer, today, I can see that the company has another viewpoint of the market and sees the public procurement sector as a more organized sector; not only in terms of the process, but also in transparency, and IBIZ solutions contributed to this.” CREMER
  • Mario Cabral – Manager of Procurement

    “It’s like this, with IBIZ Licita, we have never lost another notice, we participated in all that interested us because of all the information we had received. It is much easier and gives me peace of mind, knowing I have the information that I need.”