Supplier and Retailer much closer

IBIZ Integra, going further than EDI, offers an efficient, fast, and in-depth integration solution between the supplier and the retailer for the tracking and electronic document exchange, through Portal IBIZ.

100% integrated with any management system.


Why IBIZ Integra?

IBIZ Integra is essential for electronic document tracking and exchange between suppliers and retailers. It replaces the traditional Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with advantages.

Total Visibility

IBIZ Integra provides full visibility into electronic integration and full document tracking. It tracks order number, invoice with status breakdown, items / SKU's, prices, and quantities.

Zero errors

Prone to zero errors, IBIZ Integra is a fully automated solution. It captures, handles, and manages information between the supplier and retailer electronically without customer intervention.

Full Integration

Integration with ERP systems through archives, IBIZ Integra is a robust solution that is 100% integrated with any management system.

Layout Translation

An additional service, available on demand.