Essenciz, the essence of Public Affairs Management.

Along with its tailor-made development to suit your company, Essenciz embodies a new era of Public Market Management through the total integration of both your internal and external processes, including distributors and business partners from your own network.

O TRP (Tender Resource Planning) Essenciz offers a new concept to the Public Market. A complete multi-company, multi-functional, and multi-connected platform. An intelligent and customized workflow. An inclusive management and compliance solution, assembled together to be: robust, reliable, and intuitive, as only IBIZ knows (in fact) how to do.

The Essenciz TRP Platform is synonymous with management that is connected to the market and is oriented towards results, likewise, which understands, respects, and values the specifications of your business.


Why is Essenciz able to be considered the driving force of a new era of Public Affairs Management?

Because the Essenciz TRP Platform can transform the core of Public Affairs for your company
Because alongside Essenciz a new business community emerges, in which companies, distributors, and business partners are 100% integrated
Because Essenciz offers much more strategic Purchasing, Inventory, and Supply Management
Because Essenciz offers a new way of Time Management for Public Bidding Processes
Because Essenciz is, by its own essence, complete and fundamental to the strategic planning of Public Affairs
Because Essenciz came forth to create a new mindset for Public Management
TRP Essenciz Platform can provide continuous and daily access to companies, distributors, business partners, and the Government with a new mindset. Along with Essenciz, an integrated and connected business community is born, in which the common goal is the development of a new era for Public Affairs Management. This is an era in which opportunities and results are the reflection of management that is more strategic and oriented towards the common good.

The Essenciz TRP Platform brings together all IBIZ expertise in Public Affairs Management:


The Essenciz Launch

Check out the best moments!

On October 23, 2019 we began paving the road to a new era of Public Affairs Management. On this memorable day, we launched the Essenciz Platform. The event featured a lecture on innovation and governance in Public Procurement, given by Renato Fenili, The Assistant Secretary of Management of the Ministry of Economy. The directors of IBIZ Tecnologia, Daniela and Ulisses, presented the innovation brought by this new TRP (Tender Resource Planning) which came forth to create a new mindset in Public Procurement and Bidding Management.

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Renato Fenili

The event to launch the Essenciz Platform featured an exclusive lecture on Innovation and Governance in Public Procurement, given by Renato Fenili, The Assistant Secretary of Management of the Ministry of Economy.