We unveil the world. We extract the essentials.

How is it possible to translate these words into images while explaining the DNA of IBIZ, which has been recognized throughout its history for its innovative, pioneering spirit, as well as for its care and dedication to the relationships that it has cultivated?

The use of the ancient technique of paper cutting was the solution. An unusual choice, both tedious and playful, generated a surprising mural that simultaneously allows us to look at and focus on the details that introduce us to the IBIZ universe and its platform of essential solutions.

Much more than business

Throughout the years, IBIZ has grown, evolved, and conquered the market, but its essence and values have remained intact.

Thus, two IBIZ incentives clearly translate its essence well:

In Club

Launched in 2014, In Club is an IBIZ initiative, a technological reference in the capture, handling, delivery, management, and information intelligence of the Public Procurement market.

The proposal of In Club is to integrate the extensive network of companies, professional service providers, and suppliers that work directly and indirectly in the Public Procurement market.

The live and virtual meeting place for Public Procurement professionals, where:

  • We discover new opportunities and possibilities for the public market.
  • We discuss the best management practices and improve business
  • We exchange experiences, viewpoints, and perspectives
  • We interact, bond, and expand our contacts
  • We share our intelligence and build a new reality for public procurement.

Visit the In Club portal and find out how this IBIZ initiative is changing the patterns of the Public Procurement market.

*In Club is exempt from any commercial bias. Its purpose is to stimulate the participation of companies and professional in sectors with distinctive profiles in an impartial manner, ethical, and transparent.
Imagem aérea do campus da Unicamp | Foto: Antoninho Perri

UNICAMP Computation Institute

In 2019, the UNICAMP Computation Institute celebrated 50 years. IBIZ was proud to be a part of this history as well as a sponsor of the event in commemoration of the anniversary of the UNICAMP Computation Institute.


Believing that children and adolescents are the essence of change and the possibility of building a better and more humane world, IBIZ supports the causes of ABRINQ and GRAAC with monthly contributions.


Clients and Testimonials

Check out the feedback from supporters of these essential incentives

  • Laureci Lopes – Manager of Procurement and Contracts

    “We discovered an excellent market opportunity in the regions not visited by Danone. The market information shown to us by IBIZ was an exact necessity to focus our attention on this region.”
  • Anderson Manoel – Manager of Procurement

    “Through the IBIZ capture of opportunity system by keyword, our capture became more assertive, eliminating the manual work of hunting through notices, downloaded archives, and discarded notices.”
  • Mario Cabral – Manager of Procurement

    “And look how IBIZ Licita brings information from any location, from the North to the Northeast, wherever I need.”
  • Laureci Lopes – Manager of Procurement and Contracts

    IBIZ Licita, the automated data capture system, provided us with detailed information about 3 levels, Federal, State, and Municipal, of procurement, analyzing 3 years of history and the results about specific products that Danone intended to evaluate.”
  • Anderson Manoel – Manager of Procurement

    “With IBIZ Licita, our notice capture cell has become a filter and analysis of opportunities, as the public market is a large consumer of our products and very important to the company.” CREMER
  • Mario Cabral – Manager of Procurement

    “Receiving information in advance on notices that will occur in the future is great for United Medical. One advantage is already being aware of the notices happening over the next 30 to 40 days. This knowledge in advance is very important. It is strategic information that permits us to predict all operations and participation in a specific notice. A differential that the older, other solution did not have.” UNITED MEDICAL
  • Laureci Lopes – Manager of Procurement and Contracts

    “The Business Intelligence tool by IBIZ provided us with a strategic vision of the market that was very complete and it was the foundation of the analysis. As such, the information provided to us was in an organized manner, already analyzed in dashboards, giving an easy way to extract the principal insights of the market and plan the next steps.”
  • Anderson Manoel – Manager of Procurement

    “With changes in management that we put into place at Cremer, today, I can see that the company has another viewpoint of the market and sees the public procurement sector as a more organized sector; not only in terms of the process, but also in transparency, and IBIZ solutions contributed to this.” CREMER
  • Mario Cabral – Manager of Procurement

    “It’s like this, with IBIZ Licita, we have never lost another notice, we participated in all that interested us because of all the information we had received. It is much easier and gives me peace of mind, knowing I have the information that I need.”