Specific strategic questions? We study, map, and deliver complete results.

IBIZ Special Projects provide strategic insights : attending special demands and complex questions, with an emphasis on the public and non-retail private market.


Why IBIZ Special Projects?

IBIZ Special Projects developed on demand; tailor-made and fully customized to fit the specific “ifs” and “whys” of your company, business unit, and/or product.

There are no prepared answers here. Outside the expertise of IBIZ and our deep, comprehensive database, enable intelligence mining, data analysis, and information management to deliver powerful strategic insights that are proven capable of boosting results and even changing the direction of a business.


Slide Tailor-made Responses to
special strategic
Expertise More than 20 years
of experience in the
development of
special projects
We count on our
advanced system to
search and handle
information. BI IBIZ is
regarded as one of the
most robust and efficient
solutions that exists.
Analysis A specialized team,
experienced in the
analysis of large
databases, handles
all the content
Results More than results, clients
receive a “letter of strategic
navigation”. This enables
“no-nonsense” management,
assertive and oriented to
the market.

See some examples of projects that have been carried out

Determining and accompanying the Patient Journey ,in an intelligent and detailed manner, on all of its specific steps.

Development of the systematic monitoring of the Product Journey, from the registration of the medication in Anvisa to the tracking and trial processes.

Defining and analyzing specific nuances about Government Affairs and other infinite possibilities for managing strategic intelligence

IBIZ Special Projects, a profound depth of information

Strategic questions, with difficult responses...
Os IBIZ Special Projects provides a tailor-made response to the specific, informational demands of your company, anything that is in your business market.

Thus, Market Intelligence, Marketing, Access, Business, Legal, Compliance have access to the same information, but with a viewpoint adapted to profile and necessity.


Excellence in Delivery

Following the IBIZ standard method of delivery, the Special Projects are delivered in customized dashboards, which are easy to view, with friendly designs and straightforward navigation

Click on the images to check out our dashboards.

The Patient Journey is a possible Special Project - determine and accompany the journey that a patient must travel until they have access to the medication necessary for their treatment.

“Attention, these images reflect demonstrations of a reduced moment in time - do not consider them as a final analysis of the demonstrated market.”

Enter into contact with the IBIZ team and find out the infinite possibilities that Special Projects can offer to your company.